From Imperial City to CleanTech Centre
September 2014


The Swiss Canton of Schaffhausen is a perfect blend of natural beauty, imperial history and modern technology. Only a 30-minute drive from Zurich International Aiport, Schaffhausen is part of the Greater Zurich Area and is the most northerly Swiss Canton at the Swiss-German Border.

As a business location, Schaffhausen is particularly attractive for its proximity to Zurich without the high cost of being in the city centre of Zurich. In addition to the Greater Zurich Area location, access to highly skilled labour from both Switzerland and Southern Germany is also an advantage which businesses favour. Among the home-grown Swiss companies that have their headquarters in Schaffhausen are IWC Schaffhausen, Cilag Schaffhausen and Georg Fischer. Among multinational companies that have chosen Schaffhausen as its regional headquarters are ABB, Johnson & Johnson and Bosch.

Apart from being the European base of many international companies, Schaffhausen is also the Clean Technology 'capital' of Switzerland, with the Canton being the home of " CleanTech Switzerland ". Among the Swiss firms promoted by CleanTech Switzerland, many are from Zurich and Winterthur in the Greater Zurich Area, for example Climeworks AG, Wabag Water Technology, Belair Solar AG and Anerdgy AG.

As a tourism destination, Schaffhausen is where visitors can view the the magnificent Rhine Falls, delve into its past as a territory owned by of the Counts of Nellenburg and later as a Prince-Abbacy before becoming an Imperial City of the Holy Roman Empire. In addition, visitors will also be able to enjoy the famous wines from the local vineyards.

For local residents, whether Swiss nationals or foreign nationals, Schaffhausen is a place where they can find work or establish their business, build their dream homes and raise a family. It is a place which can truly be a piece of paradise.

* Orissa International would like to thank the Economic Promotion Office of Canton Schaffhausen for their advice and assistance on the production of this feature.