Land of History and Chemistry
May 2014


Only one hour by flight to London in the west, Warsaw in the east and Prague in the south east, the German Federal State of Saxony-Anhalt sits at the crossroads of eastern and western Europe and has something to offer everyone. From modern industrial prowess to the greatest classical musicians and UNESCO World Heritage sites, Saxony-Anhalt has them all.

As a production base and business location in the eastern part of Germany, Saxony-Anhalt attracts the highest level of foreign investment. Of the many factors that make the state appealing to foreign investors are the highly skilled yet moderately priced workforce, easy access to markets both in Eastern and Western Europe as well as excellent transport/logistics infrastructure.

Although most famous for its Chemicals & Bioeconomics sector, other key sectors in Saxony-Anhalt include Energy, Mechanical /Plant Engineering Medical /Healthcare, Logistics/Mobility as well as Food/Agriculture. Some well-known companies with operations in Saxony-Anhalt are Cargill, Dell, Dow Chemical Company, Bayer, Nestle and Total.

With its rich historical and and natural setting, Saxony-Anhalt is a magnet for the sophisticated visitor looking for a blend of nature and culture. The state impresses with beautiful rural countryside such as the majestic Harz mountains as well several UNESCO World Heritage sites. From the charming Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Worlitz to the Medieval town of Quedlingburg and the Luther memorials of Eisleben and Wittenburg, few countries, let alone a single federal state can boast of so many World Heritage sites within its borders. And to crown it all, Saxony-Anhalt also produced some of the greatest classical musicians the world has ever seen, from Bach, Handel to Telemann.

Apart from business people and tourists, Saxony-Anhalt is increasingly attractive to international students looking for a top-notch science education in one of its leading universities, colleges and research institutes. Combining the above with a moderate cost of living and beautiful cultural background, it is no wonder that Saxony-Anhalt's largest city Halle, is getting better known as a university town in addition to being known as the centre of music and the chemical industry.

* Orissa International would like to thank Investment & Marketing Corporation Saxony-Anhalt ( IMG ) for its support during the production of this feature.