Advantage Missouri
March 2014


With an economy approaching the size of Malaysia’s, a land area equivalent to the entire Kingdom of Cambodia and a population approximately that of Singapore’s, the American State of Missouri presents attractive business opportunities for companies, a high standard of tertiary education for international students and a good quality of life for families that choose to be based there.

As a business location, Missouri offers several advantages from availability of raw materials, skilled labour, low cost of land and utilities as well as an excellent transportation/logistics infrastructure.

For businesses in food manufacturing, the diversity of agricultural produce which Missouri can offer as ingredients include soybeans, corn, rice, beef, poultry, eggs and dairy products. For companies involved in wood products, Missouri’s forest resources allow them to be engaged in activities from logging to wood processing as well as construction and furniture manufacturing. To logistics/warehousing businesses, Missouri’s central location and low land cost and top-notch transportation infrastructure are strong ‘pull’ factors to establish operations in the state. Among the large companies based in the State of Missouri are Monsanto, Boeing Defense Space & Security and Emerson Electric just to name a few.

Beyond business considerations, Missouri is home to over thirty universities and colleges, thirteen of which are state/public universities. This gives international students looking for an American education a wide selection of institutions. Among the most popular universities in the State are St Louis University, University of Missouri and Truman State University. The University of Missouri – Kansas City campus is particularly well-known for its famous alumnus, Harry S. Truman, the Thirty-third President of the United States.

With an interesting heritage including Native American, French and German influences, Missouri boasts its own beautiful wine country, large cities such as Kansas City and St Louis as well as a charming State Capital, Jefferson City. Jefferson City has in fact been named America’s “Most Beautiful” Small Town in 2013 by travel publisher Rand McNally. At a cost of living which is twenty percent below that of the national average, moving to Missouri is certainly something worth thinking about for families considering relocation.

Orissa International is the Trade & Investment Representative Office (SEA) for the State of Missouri.