Living and Studying in Pennsylvania
December 2014


The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is located at the Northeastern region of the United States, bordering New York and New Jersey. It is the sixth most populous state in the country with a population of approximately 12.8 million. The state capital city is Harrisburg while the largest city is Philadelphia. With 5 Pennsylvanian counties officially part of the New York Metroplitan Area, Pennsylvania is becoming increasingly popular with both professionals as well as international students as a place to live.

International students who choose Pennsylvania for their tertiary education will find opportunities to study at some of the oldest and most prestigious colleges and universities in the United States. The reputable Pennsylvania State University alone boasts more than 20 campuses located throughout the state. In addition, there are over a hundred 4-year colleges offering a wide range of courses.

Philadelphia is often the first choice for students interested in medical or health science studies. It is also home to the world-famous University of Pennsylvania founded by Benjamin Franklin. The top-notch Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania is also located in Philadelphia. Some of the other universities popular with international students include Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia University, Drexel University, Temple University and the University of Science in Philadelphia.

Pittsburg, the industrial and technology hub of the state attracts students interested in studying engineering and other science-related courses. The prestigious Carnegie Mellon University is a big draw and attracts some of the world's best and brightest applicants every year. Some of the other universities in Pittsburg often considered by international students include the University of Pittsburg, Chatham University and Duquesne University just to name a few.

For international students studying in Pennsylvania, the state offers not just an excellent education but also a lovely environment of lakes and mountains, as well as a rich history. Exploring Philadelphia, the first capital of the United States, residents will find interesting historical sites connected to the American Declaration of Independence. With New York City nearby, international students also enjoy what this great city has to offer whenever they visit. Whether it is the Great Lakes Region of Pennsylvania, the Pittsburgh Region or the Philadelphia Region, Pennsylvania is a wonderful place to call home.

* Orissa International is the Authorized Trade Representative (SEA) of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania